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China’s influence over the world is vast and ever-changing. Yet, while the Chinese economy offers unbounded opportunity, it’s fraught with challenges. Firms of all sizes have fallen prey to the cultural, political, and economic complexities that define the market.

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CvT: With Friends Like These: Is the West Prepared To Confront China?

US allies often adopt hedging strategies towards China to navigate their conflicting economic and security interests. However, an increasingly aggressive Chinese foreign policy has caused a number of Beijing’s relationships abroad to deteriorate. Concerns over China’s human rights abuses, disputed territorial claims, and escalating threats towards Taiwan have led to a more serious effort by the West to confront it.

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TWS: July 26, 2021

The Weekly Steep China Newsletter brings you the latest China business insights from July 19 – 26, 2021: China’s GDP Slows to Silver to Win the Gold; Lying Flat to Fight the Man; “The Great Decoupling”: A Saga Continued; Weighing the Opportunities & Risks Within China’s Biopharmaceutical Industry; and more!

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Chinese Aquaculture Grows Alongside Global Appetite for Fish

China is both the world’s largest consumer of seafood and largest producer of farmed fish. As incomes rise and consumer demand for seafood grows, overexploitation in the fishing industry is on track to become a major global issue. In this article, we explore how China’s aquaculture industry can adapt to ensure a high value yet environmentally sustainable end product.

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Weighing the Opportunities & Risks Within China’s Biopharmaceutical Industry

China’s biopharmaceuticals is an often overlooked yet quickly growing industry. In recent years, various regulatory reforms have transformed the industry, nurturing it into a global competitor Many foreign investors are interested in taking advantage of the local industry’s streamlined product registration process and robust development incentives. However, there are still risks that investors should remain cognizant of when planning their entrance strategy into the Chinese biopharmaceutical market.

China Insight Articles

Why China Has a Love-Hate Relationship with Cryptocurrency

China has a love-hate relationship with crypto. It loves the technology but hates the illicit activity. While blockchain will play a vital role as a strategic technology highlighted in national development goals, its ties to cryptocurrency challenge industry development. This has led to harsher regulation of the cryptocurrency space in the hopes that, by separating cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, policymakers can hasten the maturity of the blockchain industry without fear of the social or financial instability associated with crypto.

China Insight Articles

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