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Looking for the hottest take on China’s new technology trends, dominant businesses, and pressing policy updates? TCG Insights go deep, like really deep. Our mission is to cut through the noise and provide valuable context into the moving pieces of China affairs.

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China’s influence over the world is vast and ever-changing. Yet, while the Chinese economy offers unbounded opportunity, it’s fraught with challenges. Firms of all sizes have fallen prey to the cultural, political, and economic complexities that define the market.

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TWS: Apr. 19, 2021

The Weekly Steep China Newsletter brings you the latest China business insights from Apr. 12 – 19, 2021: A Lil’ Demand Spike Makes Everything Nice; Deep Demand for Shipping Takes SMEs to the Depths; Getting Gucci With the Digital Yuan in HK; PPI, CPI, ATH, PBOC, and All That Econ Jazz; Domestic Companies Get a Head Start With Political Marketing; Time’s A-tickin’ for the TikTok Deal; and more!

China Business Newsletter

CvT: Vaccine Diplomacy Marks New Turn in US-China Competition

In this issue of our US-China relations newsletter, we dive into the impact of China’s vaccine diplomacy campaign and the impact it brings on US-China competition over global influence.

US-China Relations Newsletter

A Win for Foreign Businesses in China’s New Foreign Investment Law

In the halcyon days before the pandemic, when headlines were dominated by the mundane trials and tribulations of the US-China trade war, China enacted a sweeping new Foreign Investment Law as the worst of the hostilities began to die down. The regulations enshrined in this high-level law provide many of the concessions that the US and other G7 nations with investments in China had long been clamoring for, but also contain provisions to review foreign investments for national security concerns.

China Insight Articles

Time’s A-tickin’ for the TikTok Deal

As he undertakes a thorough review of Trump’s China policies, President Biden is expected to formulate a China strategy that puts American interests first and strengthens US competitiveness in the global market. While he maintains that his administration will take a different path than his predecessor, there is no doubt that heated competition is on the horizon – and TikTok may find itself at the forefront of the battle.

China Insight Articles

The Risk of China’s Stimulus Rollbacks to the Global Economy

China’s economy has made an impressive recovery since the onset of the pandemic, and the stringent health measures and targeted economic stimulus enacted by Beijing’s top leaders have been remarkably successful. However, with policymakers now beginning to phase out centrally-backed economic support, some are voicing concerns that a premature rollback could threaten an already reeling global economy.

China Insight Articles

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