Ready to take your China strategy to the next level?

Ready to take your China strategy
to the next level?

Partner with us to get ahead of the competition

Partner with us to get ahead of the competition

TCG Services​

Custom Research​

The China Guys offers customized research reports for your business and aims to make sure that you are well informed on the latest developments in the Chinese market. Our China experts are experienced in sourcing information from both foreign and local sources to provide comprehensive insights on current political and economic trends. The focus of our research reports can be adjusted as necessary, covering the spectrum from individuals or organizations to market or industry analysis.

Consumer Market

Already the world’s largest economy by purchasing power, China is well on its way to becoming the world’s largest consumer market. The globe has set its sights on the Chinese population as the next source of new clientele and venturing into this new market can be intimidating. With strong backgrounds in all things China, we at The China Guys are ready to help you familiarize yourself with the intricate and current traditions, cultures, and quickly changing consumer culture of a new China to efficiently inform your next move in Asia.

Political Economy

Oftentimes feared for its seemingly hands on approach, China’s politically-charged market can be tricky to navigate. The China Guys is committed to keeping you up-to-date on latest policy developments and how they may impact your business’ current operations or developmental strategy.

Anything Else!

TCG is committed to providing the best possible advising for your China questions. If we are not able to readily resolve your issue, we likely have the faculties to further explore answers.

Market Analysis​

While China presents an incredible opportunity for business expansion, it’s a fierce market with cultural, political, and economic complexities that must be accounted for. Chinese consumer preferences can starkly differ from Western counterparts and accurately assessing Chinese consumer tastes can often feel impossible.

The China Guys offers tailored market research services to clients looking to break into or expand their current position in the Chinese market. Each industry within China is dynamic: new competitors arise and consumers’ needs change. Let us pull the curtain back on your target industry and analyze how you could best roll out a strategy of attack.

Our custom industry research and market entrance strategies identify the opportunities among the challenges and provide a competitive edge for your business. We are adept at assessing risk, potential access points for new products, and optimal entrance strategies within the domestic Chinese market.


China is a sink or swim environment for foreign brands, and localization is a defining factor in your operational buoyancy. There are famous firms that fall on both sides of the coin when entering the Chinese market: while many have thrived, scores more have fallen prey to the challenges of the Chinese market. Chinese consumer preferences vary greatly from that of their Western counterparts, and your products, branding, and strategy need to be tailored to that of your audience. In such a volatile economy, no business – big or small – is immune to the threats unique to the Chinese market.

We have an established track record of success in preparing and executing marketing and branding campaigns through leading digital channels in China to ensure your brands stays at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

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