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Chinese Industry Analysis

You read it here first. TCG’s exclusive research covers macro- and micro-analysis of China’s political economy, highlighting key insights relevant to business leaders and budding China Watchers, alike.

We pride ourselves on our unique ability to dissect, understand, and explain the moving pieces of China’s political economy while drawing upon our language and cultural competencies, deep understanding of historical trends, and subject matter knowledge to perform deep dives on key Chinese topics.

Whether an industry cheat sheet or white paper, expect us to walk you through the historical context of the topic, break down the current situation, and use both quantitative and qualitative analysis to explore how this trend could play out in the future.

Economic Deep Dives

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Industry Cheat Sheets

Lead the conversation with just a glance. Our crew of China Watchers leverage their diverse backgrounds to condense years of industry experience into concise industry cheat sheets that explain the ‘who,’ ‘what,’ and ‘why’ behind China’s industry updates.


Take a deep dive into China’s political economy with TCG’s whitepaper series. We leverage our deep research capabilities to analyze China’s movements behind the scenes that illuminate the country’s strategic direction.
Our whitepaper on “China’s Economic Hubs of 2030: The Pearl River Delta” will be published shortly. Please subscribe to have it delivered straight to your inbox as soon as it’s released.
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