Author: Alex Benetos

China’s EV Market: Out With Subsidies, In With the Dual Credit System

China’s EV industry is entering its most exciting phase of development yet. The highly competitive market is introducing a variety of innovative products at lower prices than global competitors, providing Chinese companies a foothold abroad. Still, to further bolster domestic competition, Beijing is calling for market consolidation to weed-out weaker firms while strengthening those with the most industry potential.

The Economic Consequences of China’s Regulatory Crackdown

From clamping down on anti-competitive marketing practices to stifling illicit uses of personal data, Beijing’s regulatory crackdown is driven by a desire to curb the “disorderly expansion of capital.” However, these efforts risk going too far and threaten to deal an outsized blow to China’s rapid innovation and growth.

CvT: Troubling Signs for US-China Nuclear Competition

In the desert heat in Eastern Xinjiang, China is digging what appears to be a second field for the construction of over 100 new nuclear missile silos. The nuclear build-up coincides with Beijing’s shifting security priorities in the region and the ramifications on the world are manifold. Read on to learn about the escalating state of US-China nuclear relations and the latest progression that could spark a 21st century arms race between the two powers.

CvT: With Friends Like These: Is the West Prepared To Confront China?

US allies often adopt hedging strategies towards China to navigate their conflicting economic and security interests. However, an increasingly aggressive Chinese foreign policy has caused a number of Beijing’s relationships abroad to deteriorate. Concerns over China’s human rights abuses, territorial claims disputes, and escalating threats towards Taiwan have led to a more serious effort by the West to confront it.

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