Author: Emily Rothstein

CvT: A New Cold War Brewing in the UN Security Council?

The veto is one of the key powers granted to the permanent members of the UN Security Council, yet it has become a tool to advance individual foreign policy objectives. This is no more evident than with China, who has embraced the veto to support its increasingly assertive foreign policy. As Biden re-engages with multilateral organizations, the competition for influence between the US and China may be brewing a new cold war in the UNSC.

CvT: US-China Competition Takes a New Arena in Myanmar

On February 1, the Burmese military overthrew the government of Myanmar. China and the US have had different responses based on divergent interests: China is a close economic ally of the BRI member and is interested in restoring stable supply chains in Myanmar; Washington, on the other hand, has been more concerned over the military’s rampant human rights abuses.

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