Author: Steve Hopkins

CvT: Hong Kong – A City Caught in the Middle

With more than 1,300 American firms that include over 300 regional headquarters, Hong Kong has long been the de facto launching point for foreign businesses that seek riches within the vast Chinese market, but also value the operational familiarity of the former British colony. It comes as an uncomfortable truth to many, then, that the city’s stature as the bridge between the East and the West may be crumbling under the weight of the newly minted NSL that threatens to undermine the autonomy that has elevated Hong Kong into a pillar of US-China relations.

The Digital RMB: A Solution to China’s USD Problem

China plans to drive global demand for the RMB by introducing a PBOC-backed digital currency into OBOR and other Chinese-driven global trade initiatives to lubricate cross border trade. While a digital RMB and China’s recent market reforms alone may not be enough to drive demand for the currency to levels that can eventually challenge USD supremacy, the strategy represents the PBOC’s methodical approach to RMB internationalization.

Investment, Incentives, & Institutions: The 3 ‘I’s Driving Chinese Fintech Innovation

China is pursuing top foreign talent and investment to strengthen its fintech industry. The industry offers easy access to capital and supportive regulation that provide substantial market potential for ambitious market entrants. Despite cultural barriers and distinct consumer preferences, foreign startups with a proper China strategy can receive many of the same incentives and opportunities for success as domestic competitors.

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